Not taking a shower & taking the bus — Episode 20

This week Ross likes not taking a shower (which, does that violate the rules of the show?), and Sam definitely likes taking the bus to work.

Things other people like

  • @germerian: Palomino Blackwing 602 ✏️
  • @valeriecatrow: Magnolias (they’re so big and sassy), how runners give each other head nods/waves in solidarity, and @nprpolitics
  • @mattmoment: first wave Ska music. New Chance the Rapper. Zelda games (for story reasons as well as gameplay reasons).
  • @charlestm: I like carrying an extra clean t-shirt in the bag for warm weather. I also like @CheatsMovement and people who use turn signals.
  • @jeffmueller: The Oregon coast, Sleepytime Extra tea, Tweetbot, pictures of my kids.
  • @karencatrow: Softshell crabs.
  • @ploafmaster: Converse's update to the Chuck Taylor shoe, the Chuck II.
  • @colorsoloud: proselytizing Hamilton successfully, having my body tattooed, watching baking shows with my kids