Weather radio & Penzys Spices — Episode 23

Stuff other people like

  • Tony Scida: Overly-expensive electronics
  • Richard Hayes & Kristel Poole & Shane Jimison: _Stranger Things_ (Kristel also like NOT dropping my iPhone in a toilet; Shane also liked wireless headphones, yeti coolers, and convention bounces)
  • Larissa Sheehan: Hokies
  • Dean Christesen: The Night Of
  • Valerie Catrow: Babybel Cheese
  • Chris Bopst: Electric Football, the only football good for RVA
  • John Reinhold: Stink cheese, beer, and _Preacher_
  • Robin Harris: Pedicures
  • Phil Barbato: Making furniture instead of buying it
  • Blaine Lay: Building a fort with your nieces and nephews, binder clips, going to eat ice cream on vacation, Marty McFly, and RVA Tonight
  • Maggie Tinsley: My backyard chickens

Star Trek & Yard beers — Episode 22

This week we have new hardware! Plus Star Trek and yard beers and things other people like!

Stuff other people like

  • Garet Prior — Mid 1990s NBA All Stars
  • Thad Williams — Mid 80s ACC all-stars
  • Eva Colen — Polemon Go bringing all sorts of humans together
  • Chad Brown — Pokemon Go
  • JR — Voltron
  • Val — Lacroix pamplemousse
  • Max Hepp-Buchanan — mid-1980s choose-your-own-adventure/role playing books called _Lone Wolf)_
  • Tony — The score to the original Maginicifcent Seven

Show notes

  • Ross has a PO Box!

Ross Catrow!
PO Box 25315
Richmond, VA 23260-5315

Not taking a shower & taking the bus — Episode 20

This week Ross likes not taking a shower (which, does that violate the rules of the show?), and Sam definitely likes taking the bus to work.

Things other people like

  • @germerian: Palomino Blackwing 602 ✏️
  • @valeriecatrow: Magnolias (they’re so big and sassy), how runners give each other head nods/waves in solidarity, and @nprpolitics
  • @mattmoment: first wave Ska music. New Chance the Rapper. Zelda games (for story reasons as well as gameplay reasons).
  • @charlestm: I like carrying an extra clean t-shirt in the bag for warm weather. I also like @CheatsMovement and people who use turn signals.
  • @jeffmueller: The Oregon coast, Sleepytime Extra tea, Tweetbot, pictures of my kids.
  • @karencatrow: Softshell crabs.
  • @ploafmaster: Converse's update to the Chuck Taylor shoe, the Chuck II.
  • @colorsoloud: proselytizing Hamilton successfully, having my body tattooed, watching baking shows with my kids

Poking at the ground with a stick & Ross's Timbuk2 bag — Episode 14

This week’s episode of Sam and Ross Like Things is brought to you by Floricane, a Richmond-based strategy and leadership consultancy. A floricane is the berry-producing vine of a bramble bush, and Floricane is focused on helping individuals and organizations bear new fruit. They do that by hanging out with people—a handful or a hundred at a time—and creating conversations about the future. Floricane is all about democratizing change within organizations, whether they’re a small business, a mid-sized non-profit, or a large corporation. They believe that giving people a voice in the future you are trying to create makes for a better future.

Texas Beach & The Hunt for Red October — Episode 13

This week, Ross explores Richmond's most superior river hangout spot, while Sam watches (possibly) the best submarine movie of all time.

Sponsor: Floricane

Floricane, we are passionate about helping individuals and organizations perform at their best. We do this through a variety of services, including:

  • Organizational Change Strategies
  • Leadership and Group Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Team Effectiveness Program Design and Implementation
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Our approach is always customized to meet clients where they are. We are focused on being a catalyst for change that is aligned with an organization’s sense of purpose and possibility. We do this by developing real, lasting relationships with our clients that extend far deeper than the work at hand.

Helping people with stuff & Apple Music — Episode 12

Sam likes to help people with things because solving problems is fun, and Ross can't get enough of using Apple Music to listen to all of the music that exists.

Having Gotten a Haircut & Miller High Life — Episode 10