Bamboo & Pokémon GO walks with my family — Episode 26

Stuff other people like

  • Kat: Blankets, because I haven't gotten to use them all summer
  • Jenny Fisher: Outlander. Book/tv
  • Daniel Warshaw : Marriage; today is my twelfth anniversary with @valerietwarshaw :-)
  • Jeff Mueller: Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin farms. Pumpkin beer. Hay rides. Homemade pancakes.
  • Jason Inofuentes: October baseball
  • shd: Good Morning, RVA longreads with their wide variety of topics. How does Ross find/select them?
  • Matt Fisher: Listening to The Misfits and Boris Pickett non-stop from 10/1 til Halloween day.
  • Robert Sterling: Single serve instant coffee by Café Bustelo
  • Chad Ingold: Portugal. The man
  • Joe Foster: The new Danny Brown record (which Chad says has a song with Portugal. The man)
  • Andy Hunter: Taking pictures with a real camera
  • Sarah SeoYun Choi: Lattes, succulents, book shopping at Chop Suey Books
  • Valerie Catrow: When people admit that they are wrong, GIFs of Winston Bishop, my Black n' Red notebook
  • Kamen Gordon: Postseason baseball
  • Robert Martin: Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, fern bars, Amy Schumer
  • Brandon Wolf: This clown trend
  • Chris Wolf: Turtles
  • Matthew Freeman: A hurricane named after me, and this gloomy weather
  • Andrea Almond: Orange Kittens
  • Phil Williams: Jalapeño margaritas
  • Charles Merritt: Kroger Clicklist
  • Ashley Ray: home-grown tomatoes and pickled corn
  • Johnny Hugel, Jorge Salgado, Chad Brown, Kevin Clay, Lisa Simms, Jenny Fisher, and Ashley Ray: IT Crowd, Luke Cage, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix; Atlanta on FX; Designated Survivor on FOX; Outlander on STARZ, and High Maintenance on HBO.

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