Fantastic Four & ASMR videos — Episode 25

On this episode, Sam tells us all about Marvel's first real superhero comic and Ross...likes whispering?

Stuff other people like!

  • Josh Lamm — Audio books narrated by old British men.
  • Max Hepp-Buchanan — Real bagels. Nate's Bagels have been on my mind for the past month. They are good.
  • Richard Hayes — Peter Chang's Noodles & Dumplings
  • Braxton Tindantle — Soft puppy ears.
  • Prabir Mehta — Going to efffffffing bambooooooo!!!!! And Talking about Aladdin!!!!!!
  • Katie Jonesy — I do have a passion for the relaxing British pond filter videos I watch on YouTube. It's time to watch them again, and I could talk about it for days.
  • Valerie a Catrow — Semi-colons

Show notes

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