Star Trek & Yard beers — Episode 22

This week we have new hardware! Plus Star Trek and yard beers and things other people like!

Stuff other people like

  • Garet Prior — Mid 1990s NBA All Stars
  • Thad Williams — Mid 80s ACC all-stars
  • Eva Colen — Polemon Go bringing all sorts of humans together
  • Chad Brown — Pokemon Go
  • JR — Voltron
  • Val — Lacroix pamplemousse
  • Max Hepp-Buchanan — mid-1980s choose-your-own-adventure/role playing books called _Lone Wolf)_
  • Tony — The score to the original Maginicifcent Seven

Show notes

  • Ross has a PO Box!

Ross Catrow!
PO Box 25315
Richmond, VA 23260-5315