Weather radio & Penzys Spices — Episode 23

Stuff other people like

  • Tony Scida: Overly-expensive electronics
  • Richard Hayes & Kristel Poole & Shane Jimison: _Stranger Things_ (Kristel also like NOT dropping my iPhone in a toilet; Shane also liked wireless headphones, yeti coolers, and convention bounces)
  • Larissa Sheehan: Hokies
  • Dean Christesen: The Night Of
  • Valerie Catrow: Babybel Cheese
  • Chris Bopst: Electric Football, the only football good for RVA
  • John Reinhold: Stink cheese, beer, and _Preacher_
  • Robin Harris: Pedicures
  • Phil Barbato: Making furniture instead of buying it
  • Blaine Lay: Building a fort with your nieces and nephews, binder clips, going to eat ice cream on vacation, Marty McFly, and RVA Tonight
  • Maggie Tinsley: My backyard chickens